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Texarkana Arkansas Police Dept. Pride Academy

We searched for different charities or groups that we could volunteer or partner with to engage the community and we didn't find one that we believed addressed the core issues that are affecting our community, there are so many great non profits that are achieving great things in Texarkana but many of them are for the above 18 populace, we want to attract those who are in their formative years (6th-12th grade) before they get entrenched with the wrong crowd and doing the wrong things.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department promotes their P.R.I.D.E. Academy (Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts).

The goal of the P.R.I.D.E Academy is to reduce at-risk behaviors by promoting healthy lifestyles, educational achievement, and financial stability in youth by building positive influences in their lives before reaching adulthood.

The students are taught decision making skills, coping techniques, enhanced self-esteem, and anger management.

Each year, the students complete at least two community service projects such as cleaning up local parks and packaging food at the local food bank. The students also gain school and community pride while bonding with police officers to build positive lasting relationships and a more positive view of law enforcement.

We are proud to announce that Just Love and Kindness will be supporting PRIDE Academy.

Special thanks to the members of #1075 club

Texarkana Texas Police Dept. Heroes & Pro's

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