Lunch at Verona

To wrap up our day, around 60+ kids from the three districts were taken to eat at Verona, where the kids were greeted by numerous city officials from both sides of the state line. Both of our cities Mayors were in attendance along with representatives from both TAPD and TTPD, Bowie and Miller County Sheriff’s . The kids were able to shake hands and mingle and ask questions to any of the officials they desired. They were treated to a delicious meal all thanks to the Chef and staff at Verona.

We are beyond thankful to have a city that is so community connected and cares about the kids of this community. We would like to extend are deepest gratitude Mayor Bruggeman and Mayor Brown, all the representatives of both TAPD and TTPD, Sheriff Neal and incoming Sheriff Easley.

To all our supporters who have donated to our efforts or participated in our fundraising, we could not make things like today happen without you! We thank you so much!

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