Homeless Project Downtown

We are so blessed and grateful to have had the pleasure of hosting a homeless project downtown with LEISD (Traci Thompson 💜), TASD (Jamie Harris ❤️) , And TISD (Susan Waldrep 🧡& Emily Munn🧡) brought their amazing student council members together to fill and pass out bags downtown for the homeless community.

SOCIAL CONSCIENCE is nurtured, and good citizenry is taught... Thank you to both Mayors Brown & Mayor Bruggeman, TAPD, TTPD, BCSO, and MCSO for taking time to meet with the kids today. Our new TAPD Chief Cramm personally went and spoke to each and every student attending this event, forging a positive relationship is so important. #blessed #grateful

#jlkfam #justloveandkindness

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